Sunday, May 4, 2014

Georgia, Germany, Ghana

The economy is growing in fruit, tea, cotton, wine, and tourism, but there is much Russian involvement in both economy and politics.  While Muslim beliefs are declining, so is Christianity.

After WWII, the economy has been able to grow (especially with recent social and economic reforms), though unemployment still remains a concern.  Despite religious freedom, both Catholic and Lutheran churches are very established over most of the population.  While evangelicals have become more prominent in the last 25 years, growth has been dwindling in favor of Buddhism, Islam, and other religions.

Ghana has a stable political standing and a good infrastructure (cocoa, timber, tourism); the population is very young (40% under 15 years old), and children begin working at an early age.  There is freedom of religion, but most of the country receives aggressive Muslim outreach.  A large percentage claim Christianity (62%), but Islam and non-religious beliefs are growing.

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