Monday, May 5, 2014

Colossians 2: Key Words

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I hope you enjoyed looking through Colossians 2 for key words!  While there is not much new to learn, having these key words marked will help us develop a more complete picture of the book.

There were a few things I did take away from these key words:

Did you learn anything new from your markings?  Add these thoughts to your previous lists (if you made them) so a fuller picture of Colossians' teachings is formed.

These points reminded me of the two main topics Paul has in Colossians 2:  Salvation through Christ and God's Wisdom over Man's Wisdom.  Therefore, we will be studying these two topics in our Colossians 2 study!!!

As I re-read Colossians 2, I noticed four different metaphors (or descriptions) of salvation.  Look for these metaphors and mark them in your Bible (or make a list).  Also jot down anything else you learn about salvation from Colossians 2.

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