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Welcome to my Bible Study Blog!  Here's some information about the blog and where to begin ;)

What is De's Bible Study all about?
Glad you asked!  This is not a devotional site or a quick-reference site, but a guide for you to follow in your own personal in-depth study of a book of the Bible.  

There is a "task" each day of the study, guiding you to look at a particular passage, learn about a key word, study a single word in-depth, cross-reference with other passages, or make application to your own life.  My thoughts are also shared as an example of what you may have found in your own study.

This method is all about you!  Are you a visual person?  Mark your Bible with shapes and colors!  Do you like neat, organized lists?  Make a list of things you learn!  Are you a Bible study novice?  Take it nice and easy; you can go as quickly or slowly as you want!

I'm so lost!  Where do I begin?
First, head over to the New To Bible Study? page.  Decide what "level" of study you want to start with and grab the necessary materials -- basically a Bible and a way to take notes.  My preferred method (and recommended method) is described in this post under "Optional Idea for Colossians Study."

Then, go to the Index for the Bible Study you want to begin.  (All the studies available can be found here; also listed are some "walkthrough" example posts to help you learn more about my Bible Study methods.)

Colossians is great for beginners; you can find the Colossians Index here or at the top of any Colossians post.

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