New to Bible Study?

For anyone who is new to daily Bible study (or anyone who has only done devotional studies), the idea of beginning an inductive study can be very overwhelming!!!  While there is a lot that this blog has to offer, don't worry about jumping into everything all at once.

Baby Steps
At first, don't worry about marking your Bible; just use a regular notebook and pen to write down references and what you have learned.  If you prefer, you can use a binder and loose-leaf paper to make a new list for each page.

Picking up the Pace
After you have completed your first study (or when you feel comfortable), begin marking your Bible.  I suggest using special pens made for Bible marking; I personally use Pigma Micron Pens (8 colors) and a multi-color dry highlighter.  Your local Christian Book store should have some options; you can always check out the selection at Christian Book Distributors online or even shop from Amazon.

If this is your first time marking your Bible, I suggest printing out a copy of the book (with wide margins) to keep in a binder and marking that copy.  Over time, you may want to change your markings because you find the current ones too distracting (or not very noticeable).  This "practice" using print-outs gives you a chance to refine your markings without permanently marking your Bible.

Running at Full Speed
Invest in a good concordance (Strong's and Vine's are my picks).  A Bible Dictionary and a Bible Atlas can be very helpful, as well as a lexicon if you would like to dig even deeper with the original language of the Bible.  You can even purchase a good commentary on the book you are studying for $20-30.  All of these tools with help you with your personal in-depth study.

Many libraries have these items available as well, so you can always use their versions for free!  Your pastors or church may even have a library with study tools that you could use, so don't be afraid to ask.  If you live near a university or college, they may have a larger collection than the local library, but you may not be able to check-out items there if you are not a student.

Completing Bible Study
Bible Study is incomplete without personal time with God through prayer.  There are many prayer methods and books on prayer available.  As part of my prayer time, I pray for countries around the world; you can join in me Praying Around the World each week through this blog.

Fellowship is also important.  Being involved in a local church will enhance your personal study and give you an opportunity to share what you are learning with others.  You can even take what you've learned and host your own in-depth study!

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