Friday, June 6, 2014

Applying Colossians to You

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After nine weeks, here we are on our last day of the Colossians study!

There is not really a point to studying the Bible if you are not seeking a way to apply it to your life so that you can become more like Christ.  I hope that you have found application from our lessons throughout our study!

Sometimes application seems difficult or weird; it is much easier to learn about something without having to internalize it.  Here are some tips to help you apply Colossians (and any other Bible study) to your life.

1. Decide what the author/writer is actually trying to say.  This is the whole point of observing and interpreting Scripture!  By taking the time to study, we have a better grasp of Paul's message to the Colossians:  You are dead to the world, so live as Christ.  Hold on to Christ and His gospel, not the world's teachings.  Do not be swayed; do not be deluded.

2. Think about how those main points translate into today's world.  One of my professor's said it was like building a bridge between the world of the Bible and the world today.  What does it mean to be dead to the world today?  How can we live as Christ today?  How can I keep from being swayed or deluded?

3. Come up with a plan.  This might be a paradigm shift (I will live differently because I am saved).  It could be a plan of action (I will learn more about the Gospel so that I can know truth from lies).  It may mean working to break a habit (I will stop stealing/lying/gossiping since I am now dead to sin).

4. Implement the plan so that you are transformed.  After all, transformation is the last step of the inductive method!  We must change so we can be more like Christ each and every day.

I have really enjoyed these nine weeks with you!  I hope you have too ;)

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