Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Look Inside My Binder

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Lesson Two -- A Look Inside My Binder

Q:  How do you keep all your notes and lists organized while you do a Bible Study?

A:  I use a binder!!!

If you've been reading my blog, you know how quickly notes and lists can pile up!  For me, I keep all my notes in a binder (along with a printed copy of the book I'm studying).

At the front, I keep my Overview Sheet

 Then I keep pages of my lists and notes

In the back, I keep my copy of the book for markings (with a wide right margin and plenty of space between lines)

I also keep some loose-leaf pages in the back so I can grab a new page whenever I need one!

So how do I make a binder for myself?
As you can see, I just have loose-leaf paper in a binder!  You can easily do the same thing yourself, or even just use a notebook.  I prefer the binder to a notebook so that I can add in pages in any order, not just in the order of study.  I can also add in illustrations, sermon notes, and other information quickly and easily.

You can use a binder or notebook for each study you do (culminating in a binder/notebook on each Bible book), or you can keep you studies on the computer and just use the binder for active studies (which is my preferred method).  Personally, I love the freedom of Microsoft OneNote for creating a digital notebook to store my studies.

After marking my printed copies, I often transfer the markings to my Bible.  I may mark every occurrence of the author or recipient during my study, but only a few occurrences in my Bible.  Likewise, I may find a marking too over- or understated and change it before transferring.  This way, I have more control over what is permanently marked in my Bible.

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