Monday, June 2, 2014

Colossians Overview Updated

Welcome to June and to the last week of our study!

For the index for the Colossians Series, click here.
For the original Overview of Colossians, click here.

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As a refresher, here is my theme, key verse, and occasion/purpose for Colossians:

Here are the chapter themes from our chapter studies:

We have studied the author and recipients; we have guessed that Paul is writing from prison (setting).  We noted the four main segments of Colossians:  Intro (1:1-2), Doctrine (1:3-2:23), Praxis (3:1-4:6), and Closing (4:7-18).

Now we can section Colossians and add the information to our Overview!  Adding sections to our quick-glance sheet can aid in finding passages or choosing a sermon or lesson to teach.

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