Friday, April 18, 2014

Colossians Overview

Happy Good Friday!
For the index for the Colossians Study, click here.

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Here's what my overview of of Colossians looks like.  Don't worry if yours looks differently than mine; it's about digging into the Word!

Additionally, I looked over the markings for each chapter and picked a theme and key verse:

I also noticed four main sections of the letter:  Intro (1:1-2), Doctrine (1:3-2:23), Praxis/Practical Application (3:1-4:6), and Closing (4:7-18).

Moving Forward

Now that we have an overview of the book, we can move forward to the last step in OBSERVE: chapter-by-chapter study.

Start by reading through Colossians 1 a few times this weekend (at least twice) and try to get an idea of what the chapter is about.

Bonus Study:
If you did not see the themes or sections I found of the book, take some time to do that this weekend!  While the chapter themes may change through our chapter-by-chapter study, it's nice to have an idea of what each is about before jumping in.

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