Thursday, April 17, 2014

Commands to the Colossians

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Chapters 2-4 are full of commands to the Colossians; below is a basic list of the commands and the passages associated.  As you probably noticed, many of these pair up with the warnings given previously.

1. Know that I (Paul) struggle for you (2:1-5)
2. Walk in Him (Jesus Christ) (2:6-7)
3. See to it you are not deceived, but stand in Christ (2:8)
4. Keep seeking and set your mind on things above (3:1-2)
5. Consider your old self dead; put aside sin (3:5-9)
6. Put on the new self; do all in the name of Jesus, whatever the task (3:10-4:1)
7. Pray always (4:2-4)
8. Conduct yourself well with others (4:5-6, 10)
9.  Share this letter and my (Paul's) message (4:16-17)
10. Remember me (Paul) (4:18)

Moving Forward
We have covered most of our overview of Colossians!  It's now time to look for any other significant literary devices (locations, allusions to time (before, after, when, soon), conclusion terms, etc) to mark or list in our Bibles.

When we move into the chapter studies, we can use this overview to keep in mind the whole of Paul's message.  Of course, if we uncover more detailed results, we can update our overview to reflect these findings.

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