Thursday, May 8, 2014

Colossians 2: God's Wisdom and Man's Knowledge

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Did you check out "persuasive" in a concordance yesterday?  My concordance gave the definition "fine-sounding argument" and "plausible yet false argument."  What an insight into Paul's warning!

Of course, Paul had quite a few choice words about man's knowledge, wisdom, and arguments.  Here are some of the terms used in Colossians 2:

Paul also calls it philosophy (2:8) and accuses them of severe treatment of the body (2:23).  Not a pretty picture!

While Paul is not condemning every bit of man's wisdom, his bottom line is "God knows better than men, so follow after His teachings, not theirs!"

This clarifies Paul's thought even more by showing these were about Christian worship and practices, not all man's thoughts as a whole.

Now that we have delved into Paul's main topics of Colossians 2, we're ready to find the theme and move on to Colossians 3!

Optional Colossians 2 Study:
If you're interested in learning more about what the "defrauders" may have been teaching the Colossians, do a word study on the terms listed above!  You can also check out a commentary on Colossians to study a few viewpoints of what opposition the Gospel was facing -- legalism? a cult? another religion?  Find out!

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