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Colossians 1: Learning about God

Did you enjoy learning about God and the Spirit in Colossians 1?
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For me, sometimes it can be difficult to take all the different markings and make sense of what you have learned about a person, event, or term.

To help, I have included my "method" of narrowing down information to find a few main truths.

Here's my list:
1. Grace and peace from God, our Father (1:2)
2. We give thanks to God...because of the hope laid for you in heaven (1:3)
3. God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ (1:3)
4. The grace of God in truth (1:6)
5. In the knowledge of God (1:10)
6. Giving thanks to the Father (1:12)
7. [The Father] qualified us to share in the inheritance (1:12).
8. He rescued us from darkness (1:13)
9. [He] transferred us to Christ's kingdom (1:13)
10. The invisible God (1:15)
11. The Father's good pleasure for all the fullness to dwell in [Jesus] (1:19)
12. The stewardship from God bestowed on me (1:25)
13. The preaching of the Word of God (1:25)
14. God willed to make known (1:27)

This looks different depending on what you are studying; for a person I choose attributes, facts, actions, and titles.  If anything doesn't seem to fit in a category, I put it in the miscellaneous category. This works best if you start at the top of your list (or your first marking) and move forward.

Here is what my list looks like:
1. Title: Father (1:2-3, 12-13, 19)
2. Attribute: Gives Grace (1:2, 6)
3. Action: Thanks to God (1:2, 12)
4. Action: For Christians (1:12-13)
5. Attribute: Invisible (1:15)
6. Action: Delegations (1:19, 25)
7. Miscellaneous (1:10, 25, 27)

Here is an example of how I worked through the first point, God as a Father, using the references listed:

Here is my final list from Colossians 1 about God.

As you can see, many of the things we learned from the title "God as Father" didn't make my final list.

While there is much that can be learned, there are normally a few main points that stand out to me; there may be different things that stand out to you.

Use your overall Colossians theme and your chapter theme to help distinguish your main points.

Likewise, the Holy Spirit is only mentioned once here (1:8), and I could not glean much about the Spirit from that reference; I marked it in the epistle but chose not to make a list.

Make sure to keep track of synonyms (like "the word of God") and pronouns as you work through.

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