Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Colossians 1: Faith and Hope

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Today we are finishing our Colossians 1 key word study with two wonderful words:  faith and hope.

Both words are found all throughout the Bible and are full of meaning, so it is very important to note what can be learned about these words from Colossians 1.

Here's what I wrote in my Colossians binder about these words:

Even though we celebrated Easter over a week ago, Christ's work for us is relevant EVERY DAY.  It is our faith in his life, death, and resurrection that it worthwhile.  It is our hope in this Gospel that we can cling to when all else fails.

If this is something you have questions about, or something you have never believed, please talk to your pastor or leave a comment here so someone can talk to you about the hope you can have in Jesus.

Now that we have marked Colossians 1 (or made several lists), we can pick a chapter theme.  I shared my theme in our Overview, but take time now to read through this chapter once more, pick out a verse or phrase that encompasses the basic theme of this chapter, and put that theme into words.

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