Thursday, April 24, 2014

Bible Markings for Colossians 1

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Today I thought I'd take a quick break from our key words in Colossians (and give some of you a chance to catch up!) and show you what my markings for Colossians look like.**

All the pictures are from the print-outs in my binder of Colossians.

I always underline the author of the epistle in blue.

I also mark the Divine terms the same each time using three corners of a triangle (for the Trinity) all in purple markings.  God is the top of the pyramid, Jesus is the right corner (with a cross formed), and...

...the Spirit is the left corner (with a cloud).

The recipients are underlined in orange.

Boxes, circles, and other geometric shapes are great choices.

I used a small stop-sign symbol in red with a "W" for warnings.  The blue boxes are commands and instructions.

Finally, I used a green box marking for Gospel.  You can see I marked synonyms and pronouns the same way.
**For a complete look at how to mark your Bible, see my page here.

If you are having trouble remembering your markings, use an index card or create a separate binder page to catalog the markings.

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