Friday, May 23, 2014

Theme of Colossians 4

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Here's my theme for Colossians 4:

As I mentioned on Wednesday, Paul's letter focus on the Colossians prayer and conduct, specifically how it affects the ministry of the Gospel.

Here are some other themes I considered:
Seasoned with Salt (4:6)
Circumstances and Encouragement (4:8)
Take Heed to the Ministry (4:17)
Paul's Farewell (4:18)

Now that we have finished observing the text (in detail), we can begin interpreting the text itself in order to understand and apply it to our lives.

Next week, we will be devoting ourselves to the task of cross-referencing!  (It may sound boring, but there is MUCH to discover.)  So, take the weekend off to think over all we have learned in our chapter studies as we move forward.

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