Friday, April 11, 2014

What do we know about the Colossians?

I can't believe we've made it through our first week!  Congrats!
For the index of the Colossians Study, click here.

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I had an even longer list about the Colossians (including all the recipients) than about Paul!  Again, I have pared-down my list to a few key points about the Colossians.

This week we have focused on the author and recipients; next week we will finish our overview of the key people and features of the book!

What's Next?
While many Divine names are used in the book, I am sure you have noticed the emphasis on Jesus Christ and His work.  I will be marking my Bible distinctively where I see Jesus Christ (or a pronoun); then I will make a list of what I learn about Him as I did with Paul and the Colossians for Monday.

I keep the markings for Divine names the same through each study I do; here is an example of my markings for Jesus and for God (along with my authors marked):

Again, if you don't like to mark your Bible, make a list or try printing out a copy of the book (in your chosen version) with adequate space for marking.

When working on lessons or projects, I keep my printed copy in a 3-ring binder along with loose-leaf paper for notes.  That way, all of my thoughts and notes on the book are bound together for later use.

Optional Weekend Addition
I would love for you to join me in Praying through the World!  Each Sunday, I will be posting information about the three countries I am praying for that week.  Join me through this blog and add these countries to your prayer list for the week.

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