Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Colossians Author and Recipients

We've made it to Day 3!  Don't forget to PREPARE each day before moving forward!
For the index of the Colossians study, click here.

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After looking over my Bible markings, I was able to make a brief listing for each category.

--Paul (1:1, wrote letter himself 4:18)
--Timothy (1:1)

Paul's Company
--Epaphras (1:7, 4:12)
--Tychicus (4:7, perhaps the letter carrier)
--Onesimus (4:9)
--Aristarchus (4:10)
--Mark (4:10)
--Justus (4:11)
--Luke (4:14)
--Demas (4:14)

--Saints and brethren at Colossae (1:2)
--Those at Laodicea (2:1, 4:13, 16)
--Those in Hierapolis (4:13)
--Nympha and the church in her home (4:15)
--Archippus (4:17)

I wrote my lists in the margin of my printed copy of Colossians.  You can keep them in a notebook or make a sheet for your binder, too.

Make your list by writing down what you learned and noting the passage.  If you'd like, you can streamline your results into a few basic points or categories.

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